Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RIS Canada... (3)


Assalamualaikum wrt..

KNOWLEDGE RETREAT 2009 - Reviving the Prophetic Spirituality in The Last Days.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am right now attending the continuation of RIS program which is the Knowledge Retreat, started yesterday..The program introduced pretty much the same scholars from RIS, only this time we will learn from the scholars in a lecture like environment..

The theme for this year's program is as stated above..being in the event for two days, I could conclude that the topics brought by the scholars are from Tasawwuf branch of knowledge..this is the area of study in which I like the most by far... As far as tasawwuf is concern, it deals a lot with purification of the heart and soul or tazkiyyatunnafs in oneself...within my little knowledge, I believe that correcting one's inner condition; the heart and the soul are always crucial before anything else matters..in Islam, this subject of study is usually connected to Sufism..Not all Sufis are diverged..but it is undeniable that there are many who are..Anyways..

Shaykh Abdallah bin Bayyah - Spiritually from Quran and Sunnah
Habib Ali AlJifri - Sulook (Wayfarers to God)
Shaykh Hamzah Yusuf - Qawaid Al Tasawuf (Principles of Spirituality) by Sidi Ahmed Zarruq
Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad - Ajaib Al Quloob (Marvels of the Heart) by Imam Al Ghazali
Imam Zaid Shakir - Reflections from the Quran
Shaykh Abdal Hakim Jackson - Taj Al 'Arus - On Refinement of the Heart by Ibn Ata'allah

Those are the instructors and the subjects that are being brought to the class..I would like to share some part from Taj Al 'Arus - On Refinement of the Heart by Ibn Ata'allah, instructed by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Jackson...

Human beings can't escape from doing something wrong, sometime, somewhere in their life. If one is state of disobedience, one can still please Allah by doing TAUBAT.

There is a hadith by Sahih Muslim (might not be accurate..) which states, "...Allah is happy if a person repented from his wrongdoings..Allah's happiness is more than the happiness of a man in a dessert who loses his camel that carries his food and water and finds it back..he lost hope and thought that he's gonna die in the dessert..suddenly when he woke up, his camel was there along with his food and water.."

Imagine Allah is happier than the deserted man whenever His servant do Taubat..Allah loves when we do Taubat..Taubat is basically the beginning of everything..Even the Prophet that we all love SAW repented over 70-100 times in A DAY! That was the prophet who was ma'sum..but how about us as ordinary human beings..? If we can do the 'small' sunnahs of the prophet SAW i.e. doing siwaak, cut nails, shaves..how about a sunnah as big as TAUBAT?

Ibn Ata'allah said that there can't be a refinement of self without taubat..To achieve repentance, rather than being outwardly focus, we also have to focus on our own habits and deeds by heart..we have to ask forgiveness from Allah SWT and stand before Him, for we can fool people by hiding our wrongdoings, but we cannot fool Allah, the All-knower...we also need to be honest to ourselves when we're standing before Allah SWT and repent..we need to rebuke ourselves which undeniably will be painful, but Allah has promised that He will eventually substitute the darkness with light, hardship with ease...

We tend to think that being smart is the only thing we need to live our lives..but rationality alone does not help..we only have the knowledge in mind, but we have no control of our hearts..where is the instruction of the heart? Just look at all the bad decisions that we have made in our lives..Does this happened because our lack of rationality? NO. This happened because we don't know ourselves..as the results, some ended up marrying the wrong person, having the wrong career, moving into a wrong city...and again, this happened when we don't know what we want in this life..We only care about being praised by other people..So, we have to be honest to ourselves, rebuke ourselves before Allah...the benefit of repentance and refining the soul will come to us..it is for US..Allah has nothing to gain when one repents or not, let alone to lose anything..the lost is on the person..

We rebuke ourselves in order to TRAIN ourselves...where the hardest thing to do is to say NO to our desires..Maksiat leaves some effect to us...The more we disobey Allah with wrongdoings, the more difficult it is to leave the act of disobedient, we will lose all the incentives to leave it! When we committed maksiat on top of other maksiat, and on top of other maksiat, we can't, can't and can't get the taubah..it suddenly feels so hard..So, engage to taubat immediately..indeed heart is blackened by all the disobediences, unless we repented...

Disobedience has corrupting effects to a person..Without taubat, we can be corrupted; we tend to lose hope and feels despair, thinking that we are not worth being a good Muslim anymore. DON'T! Muslims never give up, no matter how big our sins are..If we make taubat, it doesn't mean that we're maksum. If we did taubat and did the wrong things again, that doesn't mean that we are hypocrites. This is a normal human behavior..Allah has created us to be like this, so that we will remain being dependent and rely to Allah and Allah alone..Again, Allah loves when His servant asks for His forgiveness and taubat..

Ibn Ata'allah made an analogy; we are like a brand new pot, and flame lit on it at a certain duration..the bottom of the pot will get blackened as time goes by..if we wash it immediately, it can come off..it WILL come off..but if we leave it and does not wash it in instant, the blackening will be crust, and washing it will be of no use anymore..Washing is like doing taubat..So, constantly seek repentance, for the act of it is the sign that we are dependent to Allah..Again, Allah loves those who repents..and He wants us to love Him..

We have to deal with our own 'demons'..only we know what's inside ourselves..In order to do that, it requires a lot of COURAGE and HONESTY..we have to have both in order to face the disease of our heart..By knowing the disease well, then we will know the perfect 'medicine' to cure the sickness...

Taubat could be the link between us and Allah..Allah said whoever doesn't repent, he IS indeed the wrongdoers..Many of us understand the values of obeying Allah SWT. However, if we do not undertand, do we lose the values? NO. By making taubat IS actually the value..So there is nothing to lose when you make taubat. The prophet said, "...if you take one step closer to Allah, Allah will be 1000 steps closer to you..".

Syeikh Abdal Hakim Jackson then asked us...."we know that Allah does exists..but does he forgive?.." Definitely.. sure.. of course.. right? But do we say that only intellectually, or by heart? In other words, do we say it from the mind, a cliche? or we meant it by heart? He gave us a good example..Bill Gates donated 30 billion USD to a charity..This made him a generous man generally. Now let's say we're broke, will we ask Bill Gate for some money knowing that he is a generous man from earlier story? Yes? No? Maybe? The logical answer would be NO. This is essentially because we don't have any relationship whatsoever with Bill Gates. Now apply this concept to our discussion..we are from azali has the servant-God relationship with Allah...but do we constantly ask forgiveness from Allah? Do we ever do taubat after sinning?

The Syeikh gave his two cents on this matter.. he said that the lack of this kind of relationship between us and Allah is due to the definition of power in the world that we lived in..Most of us came from an autocratic relationship of 'master-slave' since we were small..we got punished when we did something wrong, and therefore we tend to hide or run when we did anything wrong, instead facing 'the master' and come clean..a simple example for this concept would be the relationship between student-teacher especially in Malaysia..have you ever got spanked for something that is not worth of spanking?..do we have the guts to face the cikgu if we did the wrong things again? Not a chance!=p

Taubat is not only for major sins..Minor sins could be more dangerous..the pot CAN be blackened even with slow flame..Minor sins are eating us alive..It seems like something that is negligible, but if persistently done, it WILL become major sins. Minor sins are like a spark of fire. Even a small single spark can still destroy a whole city. A realistic example would be like 2 imaams who have grudge between each other.. which can destroy the relationship between 2 communities...

Repentance is not easy, but it is not impossible...We have to be sincere in our repentance..Insincere happened when the intention is not to turn to Allah and if there is no commitment to overcome from doing the sins. Then, there will be no effect of wiping off the disobedience..Sincerity is between us and Allah SWT..It's a hard, private work. However, sincerity can be seen through our behavior for example solat...

Repentance is difficult before own self is powerful. Repentance is not a sweet medicine for the disease of the heart. We have to force ourselves to repent and repel from the sweetness of the disobedience. It is good to know that, good deeds are heavier than bad deeds. When we do one good deed, Allah will reward us 10 times the size of the deed. If we do one bad deed, the accountability will be only one.

It is undeniably hard to leave the passion and desires of doing something bad, but this does not forbid or prevent us from doing taubat. For example, one who cannot stop talking about other people, he/she can repent each and everytime..even Rasul SAW repented 70-100 times each day...

HOWEVER, it is important to note that we cannot play around with repentance. Ibn Ata'allah said that, "..one who repents and do sins repeatedly is like drinking poison and the antidote over repeatedly.." They are not trying to help themselves, in fact they are abusing themselves..Imagine one day when they might not be able to take that antidote before the time comes....?? So, do not play with taubat. It is a gift from Allah SWT. Everytime we did wrong and do taubat, Allah will help us and make us less likely to do it again. Don't reject this gift, and don't play around with it. It is not easy to restrain ourselves not to do it again but we have to be PATIENT. That is the key..

There is a saying, "..he who repents has win, he who don't loses..". It's like when there is sickness, there is still still chance and hope of getting better as long as there's life...or it's like an archer who has to make effort to shoot..if he doesn't get anything today, it could be tomorrow...It's like sinning...do not ever give up on self... DO TAUBAT. we are always worth it.

It is important to gain support from a righteous community. We could gain inspiration and motivation from such community. It is natural that when we're in an Islamic environment or knowledge retreat as such, that we will be inspired and our imaan feels like it increases to a high level. We feel energized..But like everything else in this world, the feeling will be eventually perished..However, don't ever let the facing away inspiration despairs us..we're not hypocrites if this happened, which it always do...

In maintaining ourselves, we have to pace ourselves. We cannot expect things to happen just like that..it has to be one at a time..it's a process, so it will take some time..We have to be honest and patient, verily Allah is forgiving..He rewards His servants by their EFFORTS to please him..not the end result.

The Syeikh said that we cannot questioned, "..what good does it bring to me to attend an Islamic class or conference or halaqah as such..". Events like this gives you an opportunity to strengthen yourself, so why not giving yourself a chance? It is not necessary to be a righteous and pious Muslim immediately after attending such program..At least it inspired you in a way if not many...

So..Why not give yourself a chance? =)

Monday, December 28, 2009

RIS Canada... (2)

Autographed Maher Zain's CD....XD

Maher Zain in person...('botok licing' bak kata Jiha) haha

Assalamualaikum wrt...

I would like to start this post by expressing my happiness and excitedness (if that's even a word) for getting Maher Zain's autographed CD and actually saw him in person too..well, he is actually quite a shy person, man with few words, smiles a lot..malu-malu rupanya..=p

And I would like to express too, my highest gratitude to Allah..Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah...because with His power and will, we were given ease and steadiness to attend the RIS program from the first day, until the end of the event...my endless list of 'paranoidness' for bad things that could happen along the way i.e. snow storm, blizzard, car stuck in thick snow, slipping car on ice and what not; were all remained as paranoid..alhamdulillah..the coldness here I think is still bearable..and I thank Allah for that also..

If one word is to be used to describe how the RIS event went, I would say, "it's not fair!=p"..because it deserves all the best words exist..SubhanAllah! the program was by far, the best convention I have ever went in my life MasyaAllah...the speakers were awesome, event organization was tip top, and the most valuable things ever would be the knowledge, ukhuwah, and the effect of this whole trip brings to our hearts..

I would love to share some of the knowledge I have gained there right here..and I will try my best InsyaAllah..And I would also like to encourage all the readers..to seek knowledge if they were given the opportunity, time, good health..because the best time to seek knowledge and experience is when we are still young, healthy, financially affordable..and yeah, you get the idea right?

OK..enough chit chatting =p

Reviving the Islamic Spirit this year introduced awesome speakers like Syeikh Hamzah Yusof, Syeikh Habib Ali Al-Jifri (His parents are both descendants of Imam Hussien son of Ali..), Syeikh Abdallah Bayyah, Imam Zaid Shakir, Imam Johari Abdul Malik, Dr Jamal Badawi, Dr Tariq AlSuwaidan, Prof Tariq Ramadan (cucu Hassan AlBanna..), Imam Tahir Anwar..and the list goes on.. the speech each speakers gave was breathtaking..

I would like to share some words from one of the speaker, Imam Yassir Fazaga, Finding Our Spiritual Coordinates..(bersempena dengan New Year 2010 yang hanya disekeliling corner..=p)

He said that, time seems to go fast nowadays..year goes like a month, month feels like a week, week feels like a day and so on..this is a sign of the approaching yaumul qiyaamah..he also said that, people nowadays have introduced a lot of technology that helped to compensate the time that slipped; robots, jetplane, and even digital coffee maker..=p...people run and run and run..we actually rushed..and thus the time feels like it's running away ,like us..

Imam Yassir Fazaga said that there are basically 3 things that built each one of us. 1) Reputation, 2) Personality, and 3) Character. Reputation is how people see us. Personality is how we present ourseles to other people. While character is who we really are. We spent too much time in maintaining our reputation and personality in which we are willing to do much to enhance both these, and spend less time building the character of ourselves, which is a lot more important in defining what kind of person we are..People usually do stuffs only to please other people, they care about their reputation a lot because reputation can be tarnished by other people. On the other hand, character can only be tarnished by the person him/herself because the only person who can change oneself is the person him/herself...

He also added that, we have to make sure that every tomorrow is better than the day before, because if today is the same as tomorrow, indeed we have lost, and if it is worser, maka celakalah kamu...nauzubillah.. and he quoted from the Prophet SAW from a hadis that says, "..people who will be closed to me are the people with ahsinul akhlaaq-the best of akhlaq.."

Imam Yassir Fazaga also stated that, there are 6 essential characters, that if one have them, one is developing oneself to be a better person one has been..the 6 characters are..:

1) Conscience
I quoted from Wikipedia = 'is an ability that distinguishes whether one's actions are right or wrong..It can lead to feelings of remorse when a human does things that go against one/moral value..'

2) Compassion
One should try hard to be raheem to others..being compassion is to have the ability to feel the pain of others..and true compassion is for those who least needed it..

3) Consideration
One should be thoughtful to all makhluk especially to people, and also the environment..because what we say and do, will impact the people around us..Imam Yasir gave an example from a story of the prophet..(may not be accurate..)..There was a man who love Rasulullah so much..one day Rasul SAW came to his house..He was so happy that he asked Rasulullah to sit down, and he gave Rasul SAW some grapes to eat..the man fed Rasul SAW the grape one by one, using his hand..and he was so happy that he got to feed Rasul SAW with his own hand, that he smiled and smiled, and fed Rasul with the grape over and over again...then one time he put one grape into his mouth, and spitted it out because the grape tasted so bad..he asked Rasulullah.."Ya Rasulullah..did all the grapes taste like this?". The prophet said "yes" and he added "I saw you're so happy feeding me that I don't want to wipe off that smile from your face.."

4) Control
One must also learn to control the emotion and has to be in charged with one's desires..People usually interchanged between 'should' and ' must' (needs and wants)..they lose control and let their worldly desires take over their action which usually leads to something bad..one example is that a person should control the jaws (talking)..indeed tongue is sharper than the sword..

5) Courage
Is doing what is right despite of fear that may exist...be it fear that exist within oneself or even the fear from pressure given by the people around..because verily, he who do something or do not do something in order to please others, will displease Allah and Allah will eventually make others displease him back..

Imam Yassir Fazaga made a joke, he said that there are 3 numbers that we have to remember in life...13, 40 and 60

13 is the age when you care about what other people thinks about you..40 is when you don't care about what other people thinks about you..and 60 is when you feel that nobody is thinking about you...=p

6) Confidence
One has to do what is right, all the time..because Allah has promised that right will always win..

He also said that, if anything in this world does not impact how we behave, then it is not important..

If one asks..which one is more important..akhlak or ibaadah? which is better..a person who has good akhlak but less ibadaah, or a person who do a lot of ibaadah but with no akhlaq?..Imam Yassir Fazaga said it's like asking whether to poke the right eye or the left eye..?=p..both is no less important than the other...so one has to have ahsinul akhlaq as well as righteousness..

Some notes that I managed to jot down..

I will spend another 6 days for another program: Knowledge Retreat, a continuation kinda for RIS, only with less people (~800 for Knowledge Retreat vs. 20,000 people for RIS, SUBHANALLAH..never see that much Muslims before..), the concept is more like a class, where we get to learn from the sheikh in a lecture-like environment..

Alhamdulillah..I got a seat two rows from the middle-front today..it feels awkward but yet so breathtaking to sit very close to all these knowledgeable scholars..makes me feel like an ant...makes me realize how ignorant I am with so puny and perverse knowledge that I owned, 21 years of living in this world..

InsyaAllah I will share the knowledge here..I've been wanting so much to share as much as I can with the knowledge I got..it's not easy, but I will try my best..May Allah make things easy for me..

“Oh Allah! Make useful for me what you have taught me and teach me knowledge that will be useful to me. Oh Allah! I ask you for the understanding of the prophets and the memory of the messengers, and those nearest to you. Oh Allah! Make my tongue full of your remembrance and my heart with consciousness of you. Oh Allah! You do whatever you wish, and you are my availer and protector and best of aid.”

Saturday, December 26, 2009

RIS Canada...


My friends and I have safely arrived in Canada 2 days ago..

Even though we got through some difficulties along the way..Allah had made it easy for us later on..Yerp, truly there is nothing too hard of a burden in this world, that is not bearable by the human..

Alia, Shasha, Jiha and I arrived in Toronto by car, a few hours earlier than Nik and Zed, who came by flight and by bus..We got some problems with our lodging at first.. but alhamdulillah, everything went well later that day...we went through almost 2 days on the road, (only 3 hours sleep in Syasya's home at Pittsburgh the day before) without good sleep and proper meals...hmm..

We rented a full-equipped apartment, strategically located in the heart of Toronto city, where almost everything is reachable by just a few minutes of walking distance, including the convention center...

We wandered around Toronto yesterday...managed to snap pictures and experience awesome sight-seeing of the city..we also bumped into 2 or 3 groups of Malaysian students in Canada who came for the RIS or just wandering around the city like us...funny how both we and them just looking at each other and wondering the necessity to greet..plus with the unsureness of each other nationalities..=p

We greeted them first eventually..they were quite surprised to know we were from US...(tak sangka orang US nak datang Canada kot..=p..why not? Canada IS pretty anyhow..).

We went back to our apartment later that day after a long walk..my feet were aching..We ended the day with a heartful home-cooked meal, ..yeah..we brought everything from home...(beras, bawang semua..=p..tapi ada jugak barang yang tertinggal..cis..)

And...today, we went to our first day of RIS...which was AWESOME...I saw Maher Zain today..LIVE! which really made my day..=). Anyhow..how I wish I can put everything here but it's too late now and my eyes are already sore out of tiredness...

I'll update later with much details and pictures of the event...InsyaAllah..

Stay tune! =)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Susahnya nak berubah..

Pernah tak kita terbangun pada suatu hari....tiba2 rasa macam nak buat satu perubahan yang positif untuk haritu...maybe dah tak nak banyak tidur lagi, tak nak buang masa, nak joging setiap pagi, nak diet..apa2 sajalah!


Pernah tak bila kita tengok orang2 tertentu di sekeliling kita, .. contoh macam orang2 yang berilmu, kuat agama, berpengaruh..atau pun bila tengok gambar2 kawan2 kita kat Facebook serata dunia, they seem larger than life, happy go lucky, cantik, bergaya, kaya..whatever lah that makes you envy them!..tiba2 tercetus rasa macam nak jadi seperti mereka..

Siapa pernah? Angkat tangannnn

Saya pernah..=)

Change is needed at certain stage of life. Biasanya kita berubah sebab keadaan memerlukan (berubah atau perlu berubah...). That's how we human beings keep living on, by adapting ourselves to the change of the surroundings. Even civilization pun, kalau tak mampu nak berubah seiringan dengan masa, be it in any aspects: ilmu, teknologi, pemikiran, ekonomi dan sebagainyalah..they won't survive..apatah lagi kita sebagai seorang individu kan..

Yang paling penting perubahan tu sepatutnya ke arah yang positif..setuju?.. Dari kurang baik kepada baik, dari jalan gelap ke jalan terang, dari kiri ke kanan....

sekadar berkongsi...

Short and sweet!

Quoting ustaz's word, "dalam hidup ni ada satu perkara yang paling susah daripada susah..iaitu BERUBAH.."

I strongly agree with that..

Rasa nak berubah tu, mudah je datang..hanya perlu ada pemangkin, inducer, twist dalam hidup, motivation..

Perlu "percaya untuk berjaya..."

OK..so perlu ada 'rasa' nak berubah je ke?

Nope. Totally not.

Melaksanakan perkara2 untuk mencapai perubahan tu...tu yang penting. Dan bila dah laksana, nak 'maintain'kan perkara2 tu, pun lagi penting..dan perkara yang penting2 ni biasanya paling susah nak buat..betul?

Pernah tak kita terbangun pada suatu hari...kita dah buat perkara untuk berubah tu semalam, harini kita rasa macam masih boleh buat lagi...dan kita buat. Cuba kalau kita terbangun esoknya pulak, minggu depan, bulan depan, atau maybe tahun depan, insyaAllah kalau panjang umurlah kan... tiba2 kita rasa lesu dan macam takde kudrat lagi utk meneruskan perkara untuk perubahan tu.. ataupun adakah kita masih ada 'rasa' lagi untuk berubah tu?

Saya selalu rasa macamtu..

Kadang2 geram dengan diri sendiri, kenapa susah sangat nak berubah...Kadang2 marah jugak diri sendiri, kenapa susah sangat nak 'maintain' buat satu benda tu untuk berubah... kenapa ek? kat manalah silapnya..

"...kita perlu berusaha untuk melihat apa yang kita percaya..", bak kata Ustaz. Percaya untuk apa? Percaya untuk berjaya...dan berjaya untuk berubah...So, pokoknya, usaha je yang kita mampu buat untuk berubah...betul tak? dan di akhir usaha, jangan lupa kedapkan dengan doa dan tawakal...Maybe kat situ kurangnya...DOA + TAWAKAL..

"O Allaah, let us see the good as good, and bless us with following it. And show us the falsehood as falsehood, and bless us with staying away from it, with Your mercy, O Most Merciful.."

“Wahai pemilik hati, wahai pembolak balik jiwa, teguhkanlah hati dan jiwa kami untuk sentiasa berpegang teguh pada agamaMu dan ketaatan di jalanMu”....

"Perubahan bukan satu pilihan..tapi kemestian..", kata Ustaz lagi....

Berubahlah Azni!

P/S: didoakan semoga siapa yang membaca ni ditetapkan iman, 'thabat' (tetap) dan istiqamah dalam melaksanakan perkara yang baik untuk mencetus perubahan dalam diri....=) ..Ameen..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Finals and RIS Canada

Assalamualaikum wrt..

Alhamdulillah baru usai final Robotics tadi...well, can't say much..did the best I can..I've done my part and the rest is tawakkaltu 'alallah...

2 more finals to go..Heat Transfer dan Control System. both take home, open book open notes..alhamdulillah, moga Allah permudahkan yang ini pulak...

menghitung hari untuk ke RIS di Canada http://revivingtheislamicspirit.com/

i'm sooooooooo excited for this event. This would be the biggest convention I have ever been in USA. I've been to several others; ISNA, ICNA..but this one is different. and much HUGE!

in the same time, quite nervous juga sebenarnya journey ke utara ni..16 hours drive in thick snow, ice, blizzard and Allah knows what not...Allahumma yassir wala tu'assir..harap sangat2 Allah permudahkan segala urusan perjalanan; Visa, cuaca dan sebagainya...moga diselamatkan perjalanan pergi dan balik jugak....

doakanlah ye...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pardon the 'rojak'ness...

Hari ini hari yang tenang..

Actually, maybe tenang after half of the day went by..

Pagi tadi quite hectic juga..terbangun lambat ke kelas Heat Transfer. Ikutkan hati dah nak 'ter'ponteng, tapi didesak juga secara lembut oleh Alia sahabat se'Mechanical Engineering' ku, merangkap housemate nombor 1, untuk pergi.

"Cikgu nak cakap pasal take home final harini...", katanya.

Terkedip-kedip aku memandang Alia..dengan mata separuh terbuka dan minda yang masih separa tertinggal di alam mimpi..ok...gagahkan jugakla diri ni. Terus capai tuala masuk bathroom. 'This better be a productive day'...

Terlambat 20 minit ke kelas, Alia hanya tersenyum tipis tika aku meletakkan beg dan menarik kerusi di sebelahnya...nasib baik juga, 'Cikgu' Greg Walker baru je menyudahkan explanation mengenai fenomena2 sekeliling yang berkaitan Heat Transfer..i hope i didn't miss much..

i think and im sure that everybody who has taken it agrees, Heat Transfer is such a hard subject. Cikgu said that unlike other subjects in Mechanical Engineering, Heat Transfer is different such that, in any heat transfer phenomena analysis, it is hard to even get something that is close to what the actual occurrence. Heat transfer occurs everywhere, uncontrollably and complicatedly, that we often had to 'wave our hands a little bit' (a phrase Cikgu repeatedly say in every class) and thus get results far from actual. frankly, i spent most of the time in the class wondering what he's talking about...yeah, i slipped away most of the time..=/

And then he started talking about the final..great timing..

Usai kelas, berulang alik ke sana kemari uruskan personal stuff pula..running the errands bak kata orang putih =)..it's almost impossible to get these things done next week with the approaching finals..so, buat ajelah hari ni kan, since ada masa...

dari kelas, jalan kaki pulang ke rumah kejap untuk ambil passport for tax documenting purposes...Along the way, tiba2 teringat sesuatu...Alamak! aku tepuk dahi. tertinggal dompet pulak kat rumah tadi....

pulang ke rumah lagi jalan kaki.... (-_-")

Dari Stevenson Center Library memfotostat passport, ke CVS Pharmacy membeli money order, ke Station B untuk mengepos, then berjalan kaki ke HR Office berhampiran Starbucks West End Ave menghantar dokumen...all that was done by walking in the -5 Celcius-coldness...and mind you the places are not near to each other..pheww..

On the way pulang, sempat singgah Starbucks Coffee...aku decide untuk duduk melepas lelah kat situ kejap...Caramel Brulee Latte dengan 3 keping Vanilla Bean Scone jadi peneman. Fuh! Sedang enak2 menghirup coffee dan mengunyah scone yang terlebih gula itu, tiba2 ditegur Bam yang singgah untuk membeli the-over-priced-but-people-still-buy-it Starbucks Coffee..sempat dia meninggalkan sekeping over-sized chocolate chip cookie sebelum pergi..thanks Bam!..anyways, why am i talking food now..? =/

Selepas lelah dilepaskan, digagahkan tubuh meredah kesejukan luar semula untuk pulang ke rumah..tak apalah..kat Malaysia nanti tak rasa dah sejuk macam ni, unless you wanna stick your head inside the fridge..=p. Kat rumah, Zed, housemate number 2, after fretting about how bad her presentation went, ajak pergi swimming kat Rec after Maghrib. And i said why not and i'll definitely go! lama dah nak belajar berenang tapi xmenyempat2...=)

We spent 2 and a half hours in the water...naik kecut dah jari2 tangan dan kaki...we had fun, I had fun =)..balik tu semua dah kelaparan...lucky enough, housmate nombor 1 a.k.a Alia, masak ayam kurma dimakan dengan nasi beriyani...Alhamdulillah! xperlu hassle untuk masak lagi..Zed request nasi lemak sambal ikan bilis dengan ayam goreng KFC dah masa swimming tadi...hehe. Sorry Zed, other time k! =). Usai solat, nap for 2 hours...malam kena pergi kerja pulak..

So here am I right now, with aching muscles out of tak warm up betul2 before swimming, and temporary pekak telinga belah kiri, out of kemasukan air waktu swimming tadi..haha.. working my guts off in a 4 hours-shift, starting 12am tadi. 5 more minutes to go as you are reading this sentence...just can't wait to curl up in bed and sleep!...

i'm calling this a heck of a day! (pardon the mild oath..huhu) =)

i'm off, thanks for reading my not so normal blog post..sekali sekala cakap pasal how the day goes okay jugak kan.. =)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh...

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