Saturday, December 26, 2009

RIS Canada...


My friends and I have safely arrived in Canada 2 days ago..

Even though we got through some difficulties along the way..Allah had made it easy for us later on..Yerp, truly there is nothing too hard of a burden in this world, that is not bearable by the human..

Alia, Shasha, Jiha and I arrived in Toronto by car, a few hours earlier than Nik and Zed, who came by flight and by bus..We got some problems with our lodging at first.. but alhamdulillah, everything went well later that day...we went through almost 2 days on the road, (only 3 hours sleep in Syasya's home at Pittsburgh the day before) without good sleep and proper meals...hmm..

We rented a full-equipped apartment, strategically located in the heart of Toronto city, where almost everything is reachable by just a few minutes of walking distance, including the convention center...

We wandered around Toronto yesterday...managed to snap pictures and experience awesome sight-seeing of the city..we also bumped into 2 or 3 groups of Malaysian students in Canada who came for the RIS or just wandering around the city like us...funny how both we and them just looking at each other and wondering the necessity to with the unsureness of each other nationalities..=p

We greeted them first eventually..they were quite surprised to know we were from US...(tak sangka orang US nak datang Canada kot..=p..why not? Canada IS pretty anyhow..).

We went back to our apartment later that day after a long feet were aching..We ended the day with a heartful home-cooked meal, ..yeah..we brought everything from home...(beras, bawang semua..=p..tapi ada jugak barang yang tertinggal..cis..), we went to our first day of RIS...which was AWESOME...I saw Maher Zain today..LIVE! which really made my day..=). I wish I can put everything here but it's too late now and my eyes are already sore out of tiredness...

I'll update later with much details and pictures of the event...InsyaAllah..

Stay tune! =)


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