Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LIfe is ahead, why look behind?


(written by: Tamara Lesley)

If you were to peer into a looking glass
What would you choose to see?
A lifetime of many pasts, or a future of certainty?
My choice whould not be of the past,
Why look behind me?
I'd wish to see my life of uncertainty,
I'd have many choices to change my past
And who I used to be.
I'd strive for adventure in my life and
Happiness I choose to see.
For in that looking glass of time,
Much knowledge would I find;
Success and earnestness,
for life, I choose this time.
Many struggles ahead may lie,
my choice I have made clear.
Until my dying day,
I choose the life of cheer.

"Being trapped in the past is a biggest deterrent to being productive... past mistakes, past failures, past emotional turmoils that you can't resolve... here's a quick tip: when the past haunts you, take it as an opportunity to remember Allah's favour upon you that He got you out of that situation/Issue, instead of beating yourself down on things you can never change.." - quoted from Productive Muslim


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